100% Energy Efficiency Is Possible With Replacement Windows

Some of today’s homeowners suffer from colossal power bills which consistently burn a hole in their pockets, and many are looking for energy-efficient ways as a means of reducing their costs. For others, reducing the carbon footprint of your property is the most important factor for “going green”. All properties lose heat through their windows, and energy-efficient windows have essentially been designed to keep cold air out and warm air in, or vice versa.

Whichever way you look at it, 100% energy efficiency will not be possible without replacing your conventional windows with advanced design.

Overcompensating for air leakage during the winter and summer months leads to a significant increase in energy bills, but carefully selected replacement windows can now drastically reduce your energy consumption. Replacing your conventional windows will lower your bills by up to 25%.

The key is knowing what window upgrades will give you the biggest bang for your buck and, of course, correct installation is critical.

Energy Efficient Frame

Choosing the right frame is vital.

Aluminum windows are practical in rainy or humid climates while aluminum clad offers superior energy efficiency.

Vinyl-Window-FramesVinyl offers strong resistance to heat flow and has excellent energy efficiency when well constructed around the insulated glass.

Wood has great insulative value, though it also requires more upkeep due to rot. Wood-clad on the other hand usually carries a virtually no maintenance aluminum or vinyl exterior with a temperature-transfer-resistant wood interior, making it an excellent choice for an energy-efficient home.

Designed to be Efficient

Some window designs have inherently more energy efficiency properties. Casement and awning windows are some of the most popular choices because they clamp more tightly against the weather stripping on the frame than most. To find the most energy-efficient windows, look for their ENERGY STAR rating.

Also, look for low-emissivity (low-E) coatings on your glass. Low-E consists of microscopically thin metal layers which are deposited on a window surface to ensure the heat stays on the same side of the glass from its origin. It also serves to eliminate water spots by 99% when activated by sunlight.

Double-pane or triple-pane glass separated by low-conductive argon or krypton gas filling, equipped with warm edge spacers and a tightly constructed frame is arguably one of the best options you can go for if you are in the market for energy-efficient windows.

Protecting your home from harmful UV rays in the summer, and preventing heat loss in the cold winter months offers great energy efficient value further while further reducing your energy bills for years to come.

Sealing From The Elements

In order to guarantee your windows are as energy efficient as humanly possible, find a licensed contractor. Be sure to check out their BBB rating and reviews before you start dealing with them. Use contractors that make use of pre-installation waterproofing, and avoid any contractor who relies on expanding foams or sealants to get a window to “fit well”. These products will start to leak and cause other problems over time.

Appropriately selected windows in conjunction with a reputable contractor who performs professional installation will no doubt be able to lower energy bills by up to 25%, and that’s a big step towards getting your home to that all-important energy-efficient mark.


New Replacement Windows Offer Instant Curb Appeal

Picture yourself stepping outside for a moment, walking across the road, and turning around.

Do you like what you see? What does your property say about you? Does your property even have any curb appeal?

If you are feeling a bit underwhelmed, it may be time for your property to have a facelift.

Sure, a perfectly manicured lawn and beautiful garden do help, but curb appeal comes down to more than just a few personal touches. There are several ways by which you can improve your curb appeal almost instantly, but nothing will have such an immediate and long-lasting impact as new replacement windows. While many homeowners’ first instinct would be to remodel the kitchen or bathroom, the momentum has slowly shifted since the last century to put replacement windows atop the list for many properties.


Replacement Windows for Instant Curb Appeal

In the modern era, homeowners have demanded more as technologies have changed, and manufacturers have gladly obliged. Advanced engineering now combines aesthetic appeal with energy efficiency to literally change the way we approach everyday remodeling. Green properties are on the radar, and many jurisdictions also give income tax credits for replacing older windows with energy-efficient varieties.

This is also perhaps why at least 50% of agents advise homeowners to update their windows. New buyers mostly base their final decision on curb appeal alone, and upgrading your windows to a higher quality product will instantly transform an average-looking home into one that attracts all the attention.

Choosing The Right Window For You

Before you commit, however, several critical factors must be considered.

making-windows-dealFor starters, what purpose do you want your new windows to serve?

If it’s curb appeal you after, new windows should compliment the existing architecture of your property. This is non-negotiable. Original windows are an integral part of a home’s history and character, so remaining historically sympathetic is of utmost importance.

The color of your new windows should also lend color to the exterior of the property. This can often be challenging, but it’s a good idea to follow your neighbors if you’re not sure. Also, consider using the same color for both window frames and the trim of your home for enhanced effect.

If you want to make a statement, consider custom-designed geometric shapes which compliment the overall aesthetic of your home. Eyebrow or oval windows also turn heads when matched to compliment the overall architecture of the structure.

You should consider the effect new windows will have on your interior too. New windows can become the focal point of your interior, and leads to the impression that the homeowner has taken care of everything else, including the design, lighting, paint, flooring, and more. Don’t forget about your transoms either. Several top manufacturers have created active transoms which open and close. The look of these working windows is far more appealing because they require deeper casing.

Upgrading your windows to higher quality products will give potential buyers and other passers-by a great first impression of your home and it will automatically increase the value of your property.

Don’t overlook replacing windows as an essential project for your home.


Tuscan Home Decor Features & Style

Tuscan home designs favour affordable cost of living. Consider any such home and one can notice the innovative style of construction.

tuscan-interior-designThe advantage is that maximum sunlight can be had in the rooms. Also, the free flow of air can be materialised. This means that the design of Tuscan homes favours a healthy form of living.

This construction style helps people the most who are living in small rooms in congested areas. Tuscan homes represent a traditional form of building style with a modern way of living standards. These homes suit the best who are looking for affordable homes.

The evolution of Designer Tuscan homes started to form the Mediterranean style of construction. Initially, plans based on such homes used to be enormous and involved a lot of expenditure although the quality offered was timeless.

tuscan-home-decorHowever, the concept has to be changed with innovations in the technology and application of engineering principles in the field of construction. Old Italian-style kitchens can be made a part of the process of designing Tuscan homes.

Interior designing is given high priority such as how the tiles should be. In general, clay tiles are being used the most to provide a cool feeling even during the summers.

Decorating and designing Tuscan homes involves a lot of creativity. As this is not renovation, one will not have many costs.

tuscan-style-home-designAdditionally, the look of the home can be increased overall. Either the flooring or the ceiling, every aspect will be taken care of in the best way. Much of the Tuscan home design has been derived from the Italian constructional style that is still being found in the countryside.

The concept involves the latest patterns with the usage of minimum interior design accessories. Mural wall coverings and the inclusion of a beautiful garden in the centre of the home that fills freshness around the surroundings are some unique advantages one can get by following a Tuscan style of construction.



How To Decorate Your Garden

If you are planning to decorate your garden but don’t know how to do it, I might have some tips for you. And I hope this information will be helpful to you in the way it has helped me decorate my own garden.

  • You have to list down the elements you want in your garden. This will help you organize your thoughts. You can list down the different kinds of flowers and plants that you want to be planted in your garden. Also, it’s good to note if you want the element of water in your garden –be it a fountain, a pond, or waterfalls.
  • One suggestion is to choose flowers and plants that grow in different seasons so that your garden won’t lose its life.
  • Set out a plan for your garden. It’s like a floor plan for your garden, and this will get you an idea of what will your garden look like.
  • For your water design, you can get ideas by visiting sites online or garden shops. There are a lot of water features to choose from, there are easy-to-install water fountains that you can get cheaply.
  • Add more accents to your garden. Furniture like benches, coffee tables, and swings are a good way to decorate your garden. There are a lot of styles available. This will not only make your garden a lot more beautiful but will also provide a comfortable ambiance for your garden –a perfect place for your family to retreat.
  • Another suggestion is to add drama to your garden using light. Place light in different spots in your garden. Use different kinds and designs of light. Garden candle lanterns are also cool, especially at night.
  • To make your garden more beautiful, you can paint our garden pots with bright colors. Waterproof paints are recommended for this.

After you’ve set it up, I assure you that you will feel rewarded for bringing life and beauty to your garden.




How To Choose The Best Colour For Your Living Room

But how can you get that comforting living room? It’s really simple! You just have to choose the best colour for your living room.

living-room-wall-colorAlthough it is really easy, choosing the perfect colour for your living room takes time. You need to follow simple steps.

Primarily, you need to do some research about the latest trends in the design and colour of houses. Magazines and the Internet are the best resources for this.

After you got an idea of the latest fashion in interiors, you can now choose the basic colour for your living room.

This will be the main colour of the room. One to two colours is

From there, you can play around with other colours and add variations to them. I suggest that you choose a lighter shade as your base colour, but having darker colours will also do.

The next thing to do is to pick your secondary colour. This should accentuate the base colour that you picked.

living-room-color-paletteYour second colour can be a darker or a paler version of your base colour. A contrasting one is also good if you want a more aggressive look for your living room.

Now that you have your colours, it’s time to decide on the places you want to highlight in your living room.

living-room-color-ideasTo make it a lot easier, you can lay the colours you have chosen on a table and mix them to check if they match well together.

Then imagine it painted on the walls of your living room. If it does not fit your taste, you can always go back to the mix-and-match step.

Finally, you are now ready to rush to your favourite paint store and paint your living room. These steps will surely save you a lot of time –and money too!



Best Window Blinds For Your Home

Windows are not complete without curtains or window blinds, isn’t it?

Imagine having a window without those blinds. Don’t you feel a little bare, and most especially plain?

Yes, you might think that I am a little vain about windows but I think that blinds are very important when it comes to it.

So here are some tips on how to find the best window blinds for you.


  • First, you have to consider your need of having window blinds. How do you want your blinds to serve their purpose? If you are looking for something that gives privacy inside your home, then you should get blinds that are non-transparent. If you want your blinds to control the lighting, a more transparent one is recommended.
  • Second, you have to select the material for your blinds. Window blinds come in different materials, and most of them are made of plastic. But there are blinds that are made from wood, fabric, and metal. Blinds made from plastic are easy to clean and maintain, while the fabric material needs to be washed frequently. On the other hand, blinds that are made up of wood and metal are usually used outdoors. They are very durable and can stand in any weather.
  • The next step would be to decide on the structure of your blinds. Roller shades provide complete window coverage; and designs like top–down blinds also provide privacy but you can adjust the height of it as you desire. Meanwhile, window blinds with pleated designs not only cover your window but also provides a lighting effect because of the slats in them. There are also blinds with cords so you can adjust the height and lighting of your blinds.
  • To control the lighting, you can use metal or wood blinds to block the sun’s rays but still have that natural lighting. If you prefer a dramatic kind of lighting, natural blinds that are made from bamboo sticks are recommended for you. But if you totally want the light to be blocked, you can use cellular shades that are non-sheer.
  • Lastly, the design of your window blinds should not be compromised. You can choose blinds in different colors and finish. I suggest that you choose blinds in simple design so as to not over-emphasize your windows.

Whatever window blinds you decided to install on your windows, you should always keep in mind that these blinds should make you feel comfortable and homey. And with that, you can say that it is the best window blinds for you.