How To Choose The Best Colour For Your Living Room

But how can you get that comforting living room? It’s really simple! You just have to choose the best colour for your living room.

living-room-wall-colorAlthough it is really easy, choosing the perfect colour for your living room takes time. You need to follow simple steps.

Primarily, you need to do some research about the latest trends in the design and colour of houses. Magazines and the Internet are the best resources for this.

After you got an idea of the latest fashion in interiors, you can now choose the basic colour for your living room.

This will be the main colour of the room. One to two colours is

From there, you can play around with other colours and add variations to them. I suggest that you choose a lighter shade as your base colour, but having darker colours will also do.

The next thing to do is to pick your secondary colour. This should accentuate the base colour that you picked.

living-room-color-paletteYour second colour can be a darker or a paler version of your base colour. A contrasting one is also good if you want a more aggressive look for your living room.

Now that you have your colours, it’s time to decide on the places you want to highlight in your living room.

living-room-color-ideasTo make it a lot easier, you can lay the colours you have chosen on a table and mix them to check if they match well together.

Then imagine it painted on the walls of your living room. If it does not fit your taste, you can always go back to the mix-and-match step.

Finally, you are now ready to rush to your favourite paint store and paint your living room. These steps will surely save you a lot of time –and money too!