New Replacement Windows Offer Instant Curb Appeal

Picture yourself stepping outside for a moment, walking across the road, and turning around.

Do you like what you see? What does your property say about you? Does your property even have any curb appeal?

If you are feeling a bit underwhelmed, it may be time for your property to have a facelift.

Sure, a perfectly manicured lawn and beautiful garden do help, but curb appeal comes down to more than just a few personal touches. There are several ways by which you can improve your curb appeal almost instantly, but nothing will have such an immediate and long-lasting impact as new replacement windows. While many homeowners’ first instinct would be to remodel the kitchen or bathroom, the momentum has slowly shifted since the last century to put replacement windows atop the list for many properties.


Replacement Windows for Instant Curb Appeal

In the modern era, homeowners have demanded more as technologies have changed, and manufacturers have gladly obliged. Advanced engineering now combines aesthetic appeal with energy efficiency to literally change the way we approach everyday remodeling. Green properties are on the radar, and many jurisdictions also give income tax credits for replacing older windows with energy-efficient varieties.

This is also perhaps why at least 50% of agents advise homeowners to update their windows. New buyers mostly base their final decision on curb appeal alone, and upgrading your windows to a higher quality product will instantly transform an average-looking home into one that attracts all the attention.

Choosing The Right Window For You

Before you commit, however, several critical factors must be considered.

making-windows-dealFor starters, what purpose do you want your new windows to serve?

If it’s curb appeal you after, new windows should compliment the existing architecture of your property. This is non-negotiable. Original windows are an integral part of a home’s history and character, so remaining historically sympathetic is of utmost importance.

The color of your new windows should also lend color to the exterior of the property. This can often be challenging, but it’s a good idea to follow your neighbors if you’re not sure. Also, consider using the same color for both window frames and the trim of your home for enhanced effect.

If you want to make a statement, consider custom-designed geometric shapes which compliment the overall aesthetic of your home. Eyebrow or oval windows also turn heads when matched to compliment the overall architecture of the structure.

You should consider the effect new windows will have on your interior too. New windows can become the focal point of your interior, and leads to the impression that the homeowner has taken care of everything else, including the design, lighting, paint, flooring, and more. Don’t forget about your transoms either. Several top manufacturers have created active transoms which open and close. The look of these working windows is far more appealing because they require deeper casing.

Upgrading your windows to higher quality products will give potential buyers and other passers-by a great first impression of your home and it will automatically increase the value of your property.

Don’t overlook replacing windows as an essential project for your home.